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Although the word AirDrop is easy to relate to supply launches in a video game or Apple's function (its Bluetooth), this concept is also widely used in cryptocurrencies. Yes, there is something called AirDrop within the cryptocurrencies about to be born.

In fact, this can be a concept full of benefits and advantages for users and investors. So that you know 100% what it is about and how you can get more benefits from its use, we have prepared this guide where we will tell you everything you need to know about AirDrop in cryptocurrencies.

✨Know its definition

The first thing you should know is that the definition of AirDrop is more figurative, since it is about receiving cryptocurrency tokens for free and without an investment. As a general rule, AirDrop occurs with cryptocurrencies that are new or just about to be launched.

This type of “delivery” is used as an alternative to the ICO with the difference that the AirDrop does not seek to raise funds or collections. Rather, it is a reward, gift or an incentive for users such as Uber bonuses for your first trip.

✨How does the cryptocurrency AirDrop work?

Its operation depends a lot on the cryptocurrency in question because generally, these are given as a reward. For example, if you as a user perform certain actions, tasks or challenges, you can receive an AirDrop with Token that will later become cryptocurrencies for free.

We can also find other modalities where AirDrop is generated from your ability to invite more people to use the token, such as in an affiliate link. In general, the method to obtain this type of cryptocurrency will depend a lot on the project itself, although none involves paying for it.


✨ What are your goals?

  • Gain users: The first objective, or the one most AirDrop chase It is to gain users because the more people use the cryptocurrency, the more value and relevance it acquires. That is why developers tend to bet on strategies such as affiliate ones.
  • Generate advertising: Another of the uses that we can find for the AirDrop, and that goes hand in hand with the previous one, is to generate publicity for the currency. This makes the market turn to look at you, as well as helping to communicate what you are doing well and what you offer.
  • Increase its use: Most cryptocurrencies that do not launch an ICO tend to have another approach which stands out for focusing more on use than on collection. For them, the most important thing is to increase the use of their token, so they usually give it away to get it.
  • Pre launch: Finally, we can find that one goal for this type of strategy is to make the launch of a cryptocurrency more successful. Why? Because you are already creating a user base with high expectations by delivering a token through this modality.

✨AirDrop types

  • Registry: This type of AirDrop is the simplest of all and is based on obtaining Tokens by just registering on the waiting list. In general, after your registration, the token that you can exchange for the cryptocurrency is generated when it goes public.
  • Wallet: Here, the condition is to have a Wallet where you can receive the cryptocurrencies which, in turn, must be compatible with them. For example, if the Token is based on Ethereum, then you will need a Wallet that is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Snapshot: Known as SnapShot, this is an analysis of your Wallet carried out by the issuer to determine how many Token you can receive. Most SnapShots require you to have certain cryptocurrencies in a certain amount in order to deliver the Token. The requirements, although a bit more complex, are not that difficult to meet.
  • BitcoinTalk: That's right, there is Token that is delivered just to fulfill some tasks is one of the most important forums about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Talk. Normally, This type of AirDrop puts tasks such as posting in the forum, commenting, among others, in order to earn Token.
  • Community: Similar to the previous point, this type of AirDrop is based on carrying out certain actions in a community way, for example, publishing in other forums or on social networks. The design of this type of strategy is designed mainly to generate publicity for the cryptocurrency.
  • Others: Here you can classify a large number of actions more to be able to obtain Token. For example, there are AirDrop that give you tokens for downloading an application or registering an account on a platform. In general, these are very diverse, although you must always take care that it is not a hoax.

✨How to know when there will be an AirDrop?

Esto It depends a lot on the platform, since most tend to post in forums or do campaigns to attract attention and others do not. It is best to be attentive to news sites and internet forums that talk about this topic or cryptocurrencies in general.

We can also find some web pages that are responsible for making all this type of information available to us. So, everything will depend on you to follow the world of cryptocurrency AirDrop which can be accessible to everyone as long as you are vigilant.


✨ Tips to use it

If you are thinking of taking advantage of an AirDrop, you should know that these launch modalities also involve some risk. Although they cannot steal your money here, there is the option of stealing your time by doing certain actions that in the end will be unrewarded.

Yes, there are AirDrop where they only deceive you, use you and in the end they do not give you anything, so it is very important to make sure that the reward is assured. Beyond, There are no other risks worth mentioning, so we recommend verifying that this reward strategy is reliable.

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