Cryptojacking: script installed on a site that mines without your consent

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The arrival of the internet and new technologies allowed to revolutionize everything, for example, the appearance of cryptocurrencies. Within these cryptocurrencies, mining also emerged as Cryptojacking, a process designed to solve Blockchain problems and thus earn cryptocurrencies as a reward.

Within the world of mining there are different ways of mining, one of them is Cryptojacking. If you have never heard about this, then you are in the right place because here we will tell you what Cryptojacking is and how people can take advantage of you to mine digital currencies without you noticing.

✨➡What is Cryptojacking?

Cryptojacking is a crypto hack where users, inadvertently, are in charge of mining cryptocurrencies for other people. This when entering websites that were specially modified with small codes in order to use the infrastructure of their visitors to mine.

To perform Cryptojacking, website administrators add small scripts generated on special platforms. In this way, the platform can use visitors' computers or computers to mine without their realizing it, all through the use of a virtually invisible script.

The administrators of the websites only enter a special platform, generate the script and link it to their website in order to use this mining system. You as a user, when you enter, you link to that script without realizing what makes you become part of the process.

Once linked, the script will take your computer and use it to mine cryptocurrencies without you noticing. Thus, the platform will generate cryptocurrencies at the expense of your hardware resources, creating a kind of outsourced infrastructure, but without notifying users.


✨➡Is CritpoJacking legal?

In general, there is no regulation around cryptojacking so we cannot say if it is illegal or not. Ethical or correct? Not at all, since they are using a person's infrastructure without their consent to generate profits at the cost of encouraging their team.

You should know that this article is not intended to show you how to monetize your website, rather, it is an alert. This is a bad practice that must be regulated as it is user abuse that could leave you in a very bad position with your audience.

✨➡How to know if my computer is being used for Cryptojacking?

Although it is difficult to know, one of the most obvious signs is the loss power on your computer, that it slows down and does not load anything at all. This because they are practically stealing their resources to mine.

The best way to protect yourself is by using an Ad Block or some extension to block scripts, although you can also achieve this by disabling Java. There are even web pages that allow you to detect if the website has this type of scripts in order to avoid being a victim of this kind of abuse.Cryptojacking

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