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In order to invest in cryptocurrencies, we must first know what cryptocurrencies are and what is behind them. Without these basic knowledge, simply investing would be very complicated by not knowing how they operate or what they are. It would be like buying a piece of furniture without instructions!

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, then it is better to start with the basics, with the first step What are cryptocurrencies? Don't worry, here we will tell you what cryptocurrencies are, but from a much deeper side, a complete overview that will help you invest much better.

✨ What are cryptocurrencies according to people?

The first thing you should know is that, for people, cryptocurrencies are virtual money, a different form of cash, just digital. They are used as another form of payment or as a way to invest your money and save it, only on the network.

Although this is a basic and elementary definition of cryptocurrencies as they are a form of digital money and also a payment method, in reality this is not the case. There is much beyond cryptocurrencies that make them totally different from conventional money.




✨The real definition

According to experts, a cryptocurrency is virtual money which has a whole technological system behind it to support it. This is because it is not just a currency but a type of currency that operates with the use of a Blockchain and cryptography to support its value and operations.

To stay only with the definition of virtual currency is to fall short, since a cryptocurrency is much broader and involves many more factors. There is an ecosystem, novel technology, Blockchain, miners, nodes and much more which makes its operation complex.

✨An innovative project

Cryptocurrencies are considered one of the greatest innovations in the digital finance market, as their development has been a unique challenge. How do you manage to create a currency with real value, but sustained in an intangible way? Well, that's what its creators managed to solve.

The conventional paradigm of having money backed by assets like gold and petrodollars was completely changed to a new way of sustaining money. Technology was the main responsible for achieving this with the so-called Blockchain or chain of blocks, fundamental in all cryptocurrencies.

✨What is the blockchain?

Blockchain is a unique type of technology which bases the validity of transactions on a chain of blocks which are validated by a network. In this way, it is guaranteed that each transaction is secure and was validated by the same nodes that are incorporated into the network.

For example, if you send a cryptocurrency to a friend, the transaction is recorded in a block which is passed to the network and the nodes are in charge of validation and encryption. Once the transaction is verified, the block is incorporated into the blockchain and the transfer is authorized.

✨ How do cryptocurrencies operate?

Something that is likely to cause you conflict is the fact that cryptocurrencies can be worth more than the same money. For example, Bitcoin has a price above $ 36, which is much higher than the value of a conventional dollar.

In this case, You should know that Bitcoin is used as a common and current currency only, in case you want to go from one currency to another, you have to do the equivalence. Basically it is like converting Mexican pesos to dollars, only here it is physical money to virtual money.

✨There are different kinds of cryptocurrencies

You must take into account that there are different classes of cryptocurrencies, which, although they share elements in common, each one has its own characteristic. For example, Bitcoin operates, in a way, differently from Dogecoin or Ethereum.

Taking into account each type of cryptocurrency is very important in order to make better investment decisions. Consider each class of cryptocurrencies to decide which is the best option for your pocket. Sometimes, it is better to use Bitcoin than another currency, and other times, this is not the case.




✨ How are cryptocurrencies bought?

Buying cryptocurrencies is easier than you might think, since this is very simple if you use a Wallet or virtual purse. Saying Wallet is basically a platform that allows you to exchange real money for virtual money, invest, buy, sell, etc.

In order to invest in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, all you need is to open a Wallet, deposit money and make the exchange. So, as you can see, it is becoming much easier to have your own cryptocurrencies, plus now you can do it both in mobile applications and on your computer.

✨ How are cryptocurrencies used?

One of the cons that many found in cryptocurrencies is the fact that they have a relatively limited use. While this is real, it is also, in part, little by little less and less real as the uses of cryptocurrencies are expanding.

Now there are more businesses and companies that accept cryptocurrencies as a real form of payment such as cash or credit cards. Besides, also They are widely used as a form of investment so that your savings generate much more performance and money.

✨ What is the future of cryptocurrencies?

Finally, you should know that the future of cryptocurrencies is undoubtedly very good because its use and improvement is increasing. Little by little there are more people and even companies that are betting on the use of cryptocurrencies.

So rest assured that cryptocurrencies will continue to gain both popularity and value in the years to come. We will likely see new options on the market, as well as those that already exist, improve. This is because cryptocurrencies have enough momentum to deal with money as we know it.

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