Hits and misses: 5 NFT 2022 collections you need to know about

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In the crypto world, the nft collections have been one of the most popular themes in recent years. These collections can range from digital art to virtual collectibles and have proven to be an exciting and profitable way for investors to gain exposure to the world of cryptocurrency. In this article, we will explore some of the most successful and least successful NFT collections of 2022, and we will analyze what made them succeed or fail.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Collection: One of the biggest hits of last year was the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. This collection of NFTs featured images of bored monkeys in fancy suits and managed to rake in millions of dollars in sales. What made this collection so successful was its active and engaged community, as well as its limited supply of just 10,000 tokens, which increased its value exponentially.

Pudgy Penguins Collection: Another collection that was successful in 2022 was that of Pudgy Penguins, a series of NFTs that featured cute and funny penguins. This collection also benefited from an active and engaged community, as well as a limited supply of just 8,888 tokens. The collection grossed millions of dollars in sales and became a phenomenon on social media.

World of Women Collection: Unlike the cute animal collections, the World of Women collection featured images of empowered women and diversity. This collection was a huge success due to its focus on inclusion and diversity, and managed to gross millions of dollars in sales.

However, not all of the 2022 NFT collections were successful. Some collections flopped due to excessive bidding or lack of interest in your content. Some examples are:

  • CryptoPunks Collection: Despite being one of the earliest and most popular NFT collections, the CryptoPunks collection suffered from oversupply and a lack of innovation in its content. This caused its value to drop significantly in 2022.
  • Cyber ​​Kongs Collection: The CyberKongs collection featured images of cyber monkeys and had great potential to be a hit. However, the lack of support and commitment from its community caused the collection to fail in terms of sales and value.
  • NBA Top Shot Collection: This collection features highlights from the NBA and was endorsed by the league itself. However, the lack of interest in the content and the saturation of the NFT market caused the NBA Top Shot collection to fail in terms of sales.

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