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HQBroker opinion

Opinions and information about the broker HQBroker


¿It is the really reliable HQBroker broker? Is it safe for you to invest your money with this company? In this section we will analyze the broker and its reputation as such on the internet.
We invite anyone who has experience with this company, to leave a comment with their experience and to give a score to the broker according to their experience with it.

The HQBroker broker is a binary options, forex and CFD broker.

The broker mentions to be part of Capzone Invest Ltd.

HQBroker is based in: Hong Kong.

If we talk about regulation, HQBroker does not mention it, we think it is a UNREGULATED broker.

HQBroker website
HQBroker website

We will continue to analyze the different account types that HQBroker offers. In the case of HQBroker we note that it offers 5 different account types: the Beginner Account, the Silver Account, the Gold Account, the Platinum Account and the Investor Account.

Beginner Account- Minimum initial deposit of 250 USD, minimum lot size of 0,01, floating spread, account manager.

It is followed by Silver Account- Minimum initial deposit of 5.000 USD, minimum lot size of 0,01, floating spread, account manager.

The third type of account is the Gold Account- Minimum initial deposit of USD 20.000, minimum lot size of 0,01, fixed spread, account manager and free bank transfer.

This is followed by Platinum Account- Minimum initial deposit of USD 50.000, minimum lot size of 0,01, fixed spread, account manager, daily analysis and free bank transfer.

The last type of account is the Investor Account- Minimum initial deposit of USD 100.000, minimum lot size of 0,01, fixed spread, account manager, daily analysis, 24/XNUMX customer support, free VPS and free bank transfer.

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The platforms used to trade are: the MT4 platform.

Now, yes, we will go on to analyze the different resources and aids that the broker provides to traders on its website: explanation of concepts from the world of trading such as leverage or margin, basic explanation about the different instruments that it is possible to trade with HQBroker, schedules of trading, some video "classes", an eBook, trader's glossary, financial news (although in English), holidays and market holidays and economic calendar.  


HQBroker broker features


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Additional information about the company


Phone number: 852-5808-4980, +442038683186

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.hqbroker.com/en/

Clarification: The HQBroker broker works in different countries, so the information provided may not apply to your country, this review is directed to Latin America and / or Spain.

* Bonuses or promotions: None by the moment

HQBroker Rating


With the information we have so far, the comments and reviews of users and traders, our opinion is still not very clear, but we suggest caution. Why? Although we have not found negative comments about the broker (or positive ones, which makes us think that it is "new"), it is a non-regulated broker.  

October 2019 update: CONSOB, the Italian regulator, has issued a warning against HQBroker

Do you know this broker? Do you think our opinion is not correct? Have you operated with him? Leave a comment with your experience.


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11 comments on «HQBroker - hqbroker.com»

  1. ruben Reply

    attention, the cnmv has marked them as financial chiringo ATTENTION !!! probable HQBROKER scam

    to be very careful with them please

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hi Rubén, thanks for the information about HQBroker.


  2. FRANCISCO Reply

    My relationship with Hqbroker has been very good.
    I started in February 2018, opening an account in my son's name with € 2.000, a month I was about to lose everything, and I put in another € 2.000, in June, I had more than € 10.000.
    At that point I decided to close the account and open one in my name. I requested a refund of € 4.000, which I received in 2 days by transfer. The rest (just over € 6.000) I left in an account with which I am working now, I currently have € 35.000.
    Therefore my assessment of Hqbroker is very good

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hi Francisco, thank you very much for sharing your experience with HQBroker with us… Do you remember how you found them in the first place?


  3. Federico Jimenez Reply

    In case you invest in Financika or 24 option, I recommend that you make your movements without attending to the "Advisors" since they will make you invest initially in winning trades and when you want to withdraw they will not let you or convince you to make trades that will be losers, and you will surely lose ALL your money.
    Better make your own moves.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hi Federico, thank you very much for sharing these tips, have you worked with HQBroker?

      A greeting.

  4. SS D Reply

    bruttissima espeienza iniziata fine gennaio2018, ad oggi its an investment of € 25.500 practically this losing tutto il capitale, and the situation assurda è che not mi fanno chiudere il conto perche ho due posizioni scadute in March che non mi vogliono accounting perche pretrindono soldi.per cui sono nella disperazione piu totale.It is about the voi ci fosse qualcuno knowledgeable in what kind of investment that my potrebbe will give a hand gli sarei molto grato.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      SS D: very bad experience started at the end of January 2012, to date with an investment of € 25,500 I am practically losing all the capital, and the absurd situation is that they do not close the account because I have two positions expired in March that they do not want count because other verses expect money. Which is why I'm totally desperate. If there is someone among you who is an expert in this type of investment who could give me a hand, I would be very grateful.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello SSD, because the truth is that you are in a very complicated situation, it is an unregulated broker and practically without reputation, have you told us that they do not allow you to withdraw the capital?

      A greeting.


      Ciao SSD, perché la verità è che ti trovi in ​​a molto complicated situation, is a broker not regulated and practically private of reputazione, hai detto che not sei autorizzato a ritirare il capitale?

      A salute.

    • HQ Broker Reply

      Hello SS, I'm a representative from HQBroker, and I would like to help you regarding your situation. Kindly provide your MT4 ID so we can have a check on your account.

      • reliableforexbroker.com

        HQBroker: “Hello SS D, I am a representative of HQBroker, and I would like to help you resolve your situation. Please tell us your MT4 ID so we can verify your account "

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