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Lima Forex review

Opinions and information about the forex broker Lima Forex

¿It's Lima Forex a reliable broker? In this section we will talk about this broker, and we invite anyone who has experience with it, to leave a comment with their experience.

Lima Forex is a broker based in Lima, Peru, as its name indicates. They offer their services since 2014

The broker is not regulated.

Lima Forex website
Lima Forex website

We will start by taking a look at the types of account that this broker offers us. When looking at their website, we notice that the broker offers us 3 types of account. Individual Account, PAMM Account and ETF Account. In the Individual Account, the minimum amount to start is $ 25.000 USD. In the PAMM Account the account manager defines the minimum investment amount. In ETF accounts (Exchange Traded Fund or exchange-traded fund in Spanish) it is traded, as the name implies, with ETFs. The minimum initial deposit in this case is $ 30.000 USD

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Now we will take a look at the resources and tools for traders that Lima Forex offers on its website. They only have the traditional economic calendar, so it can be said that in terms of resources for the trader, it would be better if they had some more resources.


Lima Forex broker characteristics

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Additional information about the company

Phone number: not provided

Email Address: [email protected]

Website: www.limaforex.com

Clarification: Note that Lima Forex works in different countries, so the information provided may not apply to your country.

* Bonuses or promotions: 1) 100% bonus for recharges of more than 200 EUR / USD (in the trading account) 2) Double profit on fund recharges + without any commission 3) Forex contest with a prize of $ 5000

Lima Forex Valuation

With the information we have so far, the comments and reviews of users and traders, our opinion about Lima Forex is still not very clear, although we have not found negative reviews, it is a UNREGULATED broker.  

ATTENTION: the CNMV (Spanish financial regulator) has issued a warning against Lima Forex.

¿Do you know this broker? Have you operated with him? Leave a comment with your experience.

Are you part of Lime Forex? Are you a representative or worker of the company? Write to us here >> use this form << 

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12 comments on “Lima Forex - limaforex.com"

  1. Saul Maldonado Reply

    It was recently confirmed that LimaForex CEO Walter Collado decided to sell the company to Avatrade to pursue other business interests. With this, all the accounts that were part of LimaForex will be managed by the Avatrade team with the additional benefit of receiving a 10% gift of their 100% withdrawable. In this way we can say goodbye to LimaForex, one of the brokers with the best reputation on the web.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Saúl, thanks for the information about Lima Forex, but precisely its reputation is very negative.

      All the best

  2. Walter Quispe Reply

    Hello, I am Peruvian and I operate with Limaforex normally, it is the best broker in Peru to my liking.

    And I don't give a shit about the regulations, they have only served to control my money, it has been unregulated for about 10 years and nothing happens, they comply, they have not been banned (which is the most important thing) because they are also part of a holding company. large, so they can develop their activity without problems. What a Sunat is for these cases, they would have closed or intervened as they did with forexperu and forexchile.

    And I understand your regulatory concern but you just screw it up. You don't know that LimaForex uses another technology, I don't even have to deposit funds to them, my money always remains in my bank account, I associate my bank account with their trading platform, I work with BCP and Banco de la Nación, I open the MT5, I link my bank account without making any transfer and operate. When I earn money, they credit me at the end of the day, when I lose, they deduct it from me, at no cost, it operates as a settlement house. It doesn't matter if Limaforex goes bankrupt, because my money is always in my bank for life. If I lose, I lose my money, if I win, I collect it at the end of the day. And thousands of markets available. It is clear that you still do not understand this technology, and you enjoy trying to make this broker from our country look bad and you will not find a real complaint from this broker anywhere. I bet you will try.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Walter, thank you very much for sharing your experience with the Lima Forex broker. We also suggest caution since we are talking about a broker without regulation and warned by the CNMV, in our opinion it is too risky to invest with them.

      All the best

  3. Elizabeth Reply

    This broker is phenomenal, super helpful and reliable. I have been using it for years and I think it is one of the best so far.

    Compared to other existing brokers it is quite useful ..

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Elizabeth, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with the Lima Forex broker, in principle, how did you decide to invest with them?

      Do you have any other information about the broker (such as emails, names of advisers, phone numbers)? Relevant data or information about your experience with them.

      All the best

  4. Luis Reply

    I paste an email that I received a few weeks ago, where they show their indignation with the CNMV:

    Dear customers:

    At LimaForex we have been offering the best stock exchange service in Peru for a decade for professional traders and open to all markets in the world. We have always complied with you, and in our entire history we have absolutely no blemish on our service, unlike practically most other national and international brokers. The Internet, which can put a bad comment on any company at the click of a button and even make it up to blemish the image of the competition, is a place where practically all companies can get blemished.

    Throughout these years, if we have distinguished ourselves for something, it has been for our excellence in service. We do not live on Wall Street but from our beloved Peru we always want to do things as well as possible and with the utmost honesty.

    On the 22nd, from Spain, the National Securities Market Commission or CNMV, accused our LimaForex.com business of not having a European license to operate, in a statement. At the same time, other communications came out from many other websites. The Spanish press quickly spread the news, adding the word “Chiringuito Financiero”, trying to discredit our brand and business by calling it a scam and fraud.

    We would like to indicate that in Peru, the authority is the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance. We do not have to be accountable to the CNMV, nor do we have to obtain a European license to operate. We do not advertise outside of Peru, nor do we seek investors from other countries. Traders from other countries are looking for us because they want to work with us. We decide whether or not we open the doors for them, but in no case are we specifically looking for Spanish clients nor are we dedicated to the Spanish market. Spaniards who are our clients have come to us through word of mouth and recommendations from satisfied clients. The CNMV is nobody to speak ill of LimaForex or to issue any warning. At the time that the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance warns about LimaForex, or tells us personally that we cannot carry out our business, we will take the appropriate measures. Meanwhile, the CNMV's gratuitous attack on LimaForex is solely intended to damage our image.

    We cannot believe in the CNMV, in the same way that the CNMV should not believe in us. However, apparently the CNMV is totally corrupt according to the same press in their country, unlike us, who have no complaints and who are the CNMV, the first in all these years to accuse our company without knowledge or reason.

    I leave you links so that you can see the corruption matters handled by the CNMV and then try to give us lessons:

    elconfidencial .com / markets / 2015-08-23 / guide-not-to-get-lost-in-the-corruption-plot-of-the-cnmv_980968 /

    lavozdegalicia .es/noticia/economia/2015/07/30/fiscalia-investiga-presunta-trama-corrupcion-cnmv/0003_201507G30P23994.htm

    We can come to understand that it has generated confusion and even fear among customers, it is what they were looking for. We have been standing for a decade, and it was the worst moment when we opened LimaForex in the financial crisis of 2008, our beginnings were hard and we endured. Now that we are well positioned, that we have thousands of satisfied clients, the Spanish are not going to come to destroy all our good reputation and work.
    Let the corrupt CNMV find out:

    1. Get into the affairs of YOUR COUNTRY, which seem invasive.

    2. LimaForex does not have regulation, nor does it want it, nor will it ever have it, nor does it need it, nor do our clients ask for it. We understand that the CNMV of Spain, which is the regulator, is asking for regulations. As stated above, by issuing the licenses and regulations, they charge corrupt black money. It is his business to give licenses, of course, that is why he asks other companies to take them out. The threat, appear as an alert on your website. The unfortunate thing is that there are people who do not know this game, and trust their words.

    3. That they tell us and inform us what the regulation they are asking for is really useful to customers, if they are not even capable of properly regulating stock companies, and they end up in large frauds such as Gowex, Banco Popular or the exclusion of Terra. Or Brokers like Interdin, WordSpreads, where their regulation served very little, not even the clients recovered their resources yet.

    4. The objective of the regulation is tax collection, so that customers are economically controlled, to detect undeclared money in their countries, and to pay taxes for profits obtained.

    5, You want to collect money when you give a license, in exchange for a simple stamp. The amounts are quite large, corruption commission aside. Then you do nothing else, just be parasitic vampires of entrepreneurs like me, and charge me annually for license renewals.

    6, Without any regulation, we are a solvent and reliable company, we are a subsidiary of a TOP25 holding company in our country, much more reliable than the companies you license, since we have civil liability insurance of over 2 million dollars per affected. So our clients have an insurance of 2 million per account. Those of its Spanish chiringuitos, 50.000. Don't come to teach us about warranties, security and licenses.

    Without any doubt, the damage that such advertising generates is inevitable, and it may be that in the future fewer customers will come to us for this reason, even with the message alone they have the upper hand. God has wanted it to be so. But we will never stop meeting our clients no matter how much they love us outside the international market.

    We wanted to share this communication with you as a reason for simple information.

    Thanks for your attention:

    Freddy huanca


    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Luis, we have answered you and we refer to our other answer, if you are a Lima Forex worker, identify yourself as such.


  5. Luis Reply

    Hi, I'm Luis, I've written above. I have seen the notice from the CNMV and we have a LimaForex statement. I am really calm because although I already knew that they never wanted to have regulation (years ago there was no regulation of forex and CFDs in Peru, I believe that now there is nothing for CFDs either), it belongs to a strong company in the country. Regarding the CNMV, they should give notices of Spanish or European companies, never of Peru. In any case, it is the banking and insurance commission of Peru that must give a statement about LimaForex, and if after almost 1 decade they still have not said anything about it, it will be for something. Also see that when they usually come out of these warnings, customers tend to run and usually bankrupt all companies or if they are scam they go with the money and close as soon as they leave the notice. I have been looking for complaints about LimaForex these weeks after the CNMV announcement and I have not seen anything, only some defending the broker. Accusing a company that complies with being a financial bar, whether it is regulated or not, and especially if it is from another country, it must be illegal. And I am 99% convinced that 1 year will pass, and there will be no complaints about LimaForex. Time gives and takes reasons, we'll see if I'm right. And if I fail, I am the first to crack my funds.

    I say about the best broker in the world with respect to the platform it uses, since it has thousands and thousands of markets. The regulation, really stopped caring when I have previously lost money in brokers like MAN Financial and PFG Best, which were among the largest in the world when they went bankrupt, all very regulated and I still do not see part of my money, and it has passed more than a decade. I don't trust regulations, I prefer them, but I don't trust them. At the end of the day, they are not much use, except to claim a supposed guarantee money in case of bankruptcy of the broker, which is usually quite low for those of us who have been trading successfully for years. Furthermore, the world should know that these deposit guarantee funds, in reality, do not cover practically anything and, for example, those of Spain, are almost insolvent. I will closely follow the news about this broker, and any problem, non-payment or bitch that they make me with the trading I will be the first to come back here and put them on their site.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hi Luis, we appreciate your comment but because of how you defend the company, you seem like a Lima Forex worker. Regarding the CNMV, it has given notice because Lima Forex has worked with clients in Spain, otherwise it would never give a notice of anything. Regarding working with brokers with or without regulation, we only recommend regulated companies because, if regulated in a serious country, the client, in case the company does not act in good faith with clients, has much more protection against the company. Also because there are thousands and thousands of cases of unregulated brokers that scam their clients.


  6. Luis Reply

    I am very happy with Limaforex, although I am European and having an account in a Peruvian broker is rare, its thousands of markets available in its multiple MT4 and MT5 platforms make this broker a great option for a stock and ETF trader. I started many years ago with little capital and using it as a second broker, and I fully trust them and they became my first option.

    They do not spend money on advertising and they are not really well known outside the country, but I would say that it is the best broker in the world. They went up the hill asking for bills of at least several thousand dollars, when before for less than $ 100 they would open it for you. Every time they want and need fewer clients. Support via whatssap, live chat from the internal panel, from the MT4 and MT5 platform and via skype is very fast. Very low commissions and spread, and allow the leverage you want. To date no problem in withdrawals. I think they no longer admit new clients, only if they are recommended by a current client, because I wanted my friends to try it and since they are not Peruvian they told them that they would not open an account. When I told them they were friends of mine, they were allowed in. He is a capricious broker, but a big surprise when I met him, since he is the broker with the most markets I know. Thousands of stocks, ETFs, investment funds, futures ... they just need to have options and binaries to be a 100% complete broker. From here my thanks to these people and may it continue like this for many more years,

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hi Luis, thanks for sharing your experience with Lima Forex, do you remember how you came to find them in the first place? We are very sorry for your situation. Any information you have about your experience with the company would be helpful to us. We believe that you are very wrong in what you say, you say that it is the best broker in the world but they do not have any regulation, so be very careful.


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