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¿It is the truly reliable LiteForex broker (also known as liteforex.es and liteforex.eu).? Is it safe for you to invest your money with this company? In this section we will analyze the company and its reputation as such on the internet.

Do you want to give us a hand and help inform about this company? We invite anyone who has experience with this company, to leave a comment with their experience and to rate the company according to their experience with it.

The LiteForex broker is a broker of: CFDs, Cryptocurrencies and Forex.

The broker mentions to be part of: LiteForex Investments Limited and Liteforex (Europe) Limited.

LiteForex is based in: They mention the Marshall Islands and Cyprus, depending on the client's location.

If we talk about regulation, LiteForex is: LiteForex is regulated in Cyprus and the Marshall Islands, depending on the client's location.

They have, as far as we know, three websites:

LiteForex website
LiteForex website

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When analyzing the different types of accounts that the broker offers, we notice that there are 3 different account types.
The first option is the CENT account, this is the most “basic” account and the one recommended for traders who are just starting out. The minimum deposit in this case is $10, the leverage is 1:1000, and it also has a 30% deposit bonus.
Next is the CLASSIC account, the features of this account are, $50 minimum deposit, leverage of 1:500 and also a 30% deposit bonus, a, and a floating spread of 1.8 pips.
The third type of account is the ECN account, in this case the minimum deposit is also $50, although in this case the leverage is 1:400. The biggest difference between this type of account and the previous ones is that with this one you operate with ECN, which is Electronic Communications Network, where when carrying out purchase-sale transactions, there is no intervention by the broker as counterparty, in this type of account. The trader is protected against non-commercial risks.

A point in favor of this broker is the resources it offers on its website. We see that it has a section in the menu, “Trader Tools”. Here we can find the usual tools such as economic calendar, calculator for traders. We can also find tools such as glossaries, trading strategies, and webinars, in this aspect the broker is quite complete.


Features of the LiteForex broker


Table Plugins


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Additional information about the company


Phone number: Argentina: 0800-333-1705, Spain: 900-838595, Peru: 0800-54745, Mexico: 01-800-681-1849, Chile: 1230-020-7774, Colombia: 01800-518-2918 Hours: 9 AM – 9 PM(GMT +2) (Monday to Friday)

Email: [email protected] y [email protected]

Website: www.liteforex.es y liteforex.eu

Clarification: Please note that LiteForex works in different countries, so the information provided may not apply to your country.

* Bonuses or promotions: 1) 200% bonus for each deposit greater than $100 2) Refund of commissions charged when depositing with bank cards 3) Return of up to 35% of the spread 4) Plus 30%, for each deposit that is greater than $100, and that has been made within 24 hours of account opening, you will get a 30% bonus. 5) Contest for partners 6) Contest for demo accounts


LiteForex Rating

With the information we have so far, the comments, opinions and reviews of users and traders, our opinion is that it is an unreliable broker. We have found many comments from people and clients complaining, especially in Latin American countries.

Do you know this broker? Have you operated with him? Do you think our opinion is not correct? Leave a comment with your experience.


Are you part of LiteForex? Are you a representative or worker of the company? Write to us here >> use this form << 


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19 comments on «LiteForex – liteforex.es»

  1. Gerardo Reply

    Hello everyone
    I have been operating with them for a long time, but always with small amounts, in this time I have seen and proven that this platform is not reliable, in many moments that I have open operations, whether BUY or SELL and I have noticed that they alter the results and the graphs, for example I open an operation with sell, it goes well and from one moment to the next it reverses and the operation is closed and I lose the money, I look at the graph and you see the change in the market, but I look at other graphs from other pages at that time and that never happened and I even looked at the graph on this page later and it didn't appear. I was investigating and the thing is that on many of these pages like LITEFOREX, FOREX24, ETORO, and other PLUSFOREX, when they see that you are making money, they alter the results so that you lose money.
    In conclusion for me and others who know this page and saw what it is like, they are only there to steal your money.
    I have known this page for more than 5 years and in all this time I have seen the same thing.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Gerardo, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with the LiteForex broker.

      Do you have any other information about the broker (such as names of advisers, phone numbers, emails)? Relevant data or information about your experience with them.

      All the best

  2. jean ortega Reply


    My situation with Liteforex is strange since they have many clients. It happened that I deposited with a debit card. At the time of verifying it, I did so, but at the time of withdrawing I couldn't because another card appeared with the same number at the beginning of the card and from the same bank. I told them that it was not mine and they accused me that many people do that, I wrote to them and told them to audit their system since it was impossible to use a card that was not mine but in the end they always win and keep the money since They are not even regulated

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Jean, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with the LiteForex broker. In principle, how did you decide to invest with them?

      Do you have any other information about the broker (such as emails, names of advisors, telephone numbers)? Relevant data or information about your experience with them. Did you deposit through a payment processor?

      All the best

  3. George Reply

    Hello, I know this broker, I have been in the forex world for many years, it is pure mafia, now they have a part in the Marshall Islands and another in Cyprus, I have evidence from highly trusted people about all the scams they have done throughout his story. If anyone needs detailed information before investing with these pirates, please ask me with no other interest than to unmask them for the damage they do to the market.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Jorge, what you mention is a real shame, but we appreciate you sharing your experience with LiteForex with us.


    • Javier Osorio Reply

      Good afternoon Jorge, can you advise me and they are offering to enter with 200 dollars, but I really don't know about the subject. Would you help me? My cell phone number 3122238481 from ColombiA.

    • Arnold Medina Reply

      Please give me the information you have about this broker whatsapp +50760819166 thank you

    • hector morcotw Reply

      Jorge, I want you to give me that information, they suggested I invest in this broker, obviously I don't want to lose, but I do want the money at least to have some profit left, even if it's little.

    • Rodrigo Reply

      Dear Jorge, with the experience you have, which Broker do you recommend to operate gold?

  4. Lucas Reply

    I have operated with this broker for 4 months, I have never had problems and the withdrawal is immediate (via Skrill). What it does not have is advice, only at the time of opening the account.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Lucas, thank you very much for sharing your experience with LiteForex with us. Do you remember how you came to find this company?


  5. Roberto Cosetti Reply


    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Roberto, thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us, can you expand your experience a little more?

      A greeting.

  6. Juanrozas Reply

    Well, I don't recommend this one, very slow to deliver payments and money

    • Reliable forex broker Reply

      Hello Juanrozas, thank you very much for your opinion.

    • Juan rojas Reply

      Good luck if you managed to recover the money, even if it's late...
      These are not recommended at all.

      • Reliable forex broker

        Thank you very much for your opinion Juan Rojas, if you can tell us more about your experience we would appreciate it.

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