The best brokers in Costa Rica to invest in the stock market in 2023

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Investing in the stock market today is possible from the comfort of your home, as long as you have access to an Internet connection, a smart device and of course, choose one of the best brokers in Costa Rica, of which we are going to tell you next.


Minimum deposit: $ / € 0
Leverage: Up to 1: 30
Regulation: FSA


Wide variety of cryptocurrencies available to diversify portfolios.
Transparency regarding fees and policies
Limitations on some financial products offered

Capitalix is ​​one of our recommended brokers in Costa Rica for various reasons, but perhaps the most important of them is its low commission charges, including the possibility of operating in some sectors without commissions.

Of course, these functionalities make Capitalix one of the most attractive options in the Latin American market, since they are regulated by the FSA, it is a highly secure and highly recommended platform for trading.

In addition, it has very powerful Trading tools, which you can use to make your choices, and you can open or close your positions according to what suits you best.

Some of these tools are:

  • Psychology
  • market indicators
  • economic calendar



Minimum deposit: $ / € 0
Commissions: 0,20% per trade
Regulation: FSC


It offers the largest number of cryptocurrencies to diversify portfolios.
Lower transaction fees compared to traditional financial services.
It offers fast and efficient customer service.
Few cryptocurrencies available

We will talk about Equiity, one of the best brokers Mainly because it is a simple and easy-to-use platform, with low commissions and extremely attractive spreads.

Equiity is a broker which will offer you excellent Trading services adapted to your needs and objectives, offering you a high quality solution thanks to features such as:

  • Its regulation issued by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission.
  • An effective platform that is constantly evaluated to improve.
  • A high level of security of your funds because they are in separate accounts with respect to company funds.
  • Extremely competitive prices, with reduced differentials.



Minimum deposit: $ / € 0
Leverage: Up to 1: 200
DEMO account: Yes
Platform: eToro
Regulation: FCA, CySEC


Wide range of technical and fundamental analysis tools.
Low spreads on most financial instruments.
It offers fast and efficient customer service.
The withdrawal process can be slow or uncomfortable for some customers.
Financing costs higher than other brokers in some operations.

eToro is one of the recommended brokers around the world, mainly because it has grown worldwide, and it is a platform that is very adaptable to different Traders.

With this platform you will be able to create thematic investment strategies according to the sector in which you are, but always taking into account all the implications it has with respect to other markets.

This broker has a presence in more than 100 countries.



Minimum deposit: $ / € 0
Leverage: Up to 1: 30
DEMO account: Yes
Platform: xNUMX xStation
Regulation: CNMV


Wide range of technical and fundamental analysis tools.
Low spreads on most financial instruments.
It offers fast and efficient customer service.
The withdrawal process can be slow or uncomfortable for some customers.
Financing costs higher than other brokers in some operations.

We will culminate with our platforms to invest in the stock market by talking about XTB, one of the best options on the market, since it has more than 5800 instruments, in which you can invest, such as: stock indices, currencies, shares and raw materials.

It has various international regulations and its customer support in Spanish for its more than 600,000 customers, make XTB an extremely attractive option for Costa Ricans.


What are brokers?

A broker is a financial entity that executes the orders of investors in the markets. All this thanks to providing security in terms of personal data and client funds, also creating an ecosystem full of analysis tools, graphs, indicators, price history and a repository of the most important economic news in the world.

What platforms to invest in the stock market?

As a Trader it is important that you choose the right platform to make your investment decisions.

Although you have the main value, because you will be the one who launches the orders in the market, having a platform that executes them safely is essential.

You should consider that for this service, the broker will receive a commission, it is important that you take this into account to choose a suitable platform for you.

Investing in the online stock market requires in-depth technical analysis, according to your objectives and trading style.

Broker Types

The most important brokers in the market are:

Dealing Desk Brokers

They are executed under a trading desk, so clients do not go directly to the market, but use the broker as an intermediary, which creates an internal market so that its clients can operate in it.

The broker has ample liquidity, which provides the availability for traders' orders to be executed.

Brokers Non Dealing Desk

These platforms work without a trading desk, and send trades directly to the market. In order to do so, they use other providers with liquidity, using the largest financial institutions in the world.

Best platforms for trading

There are various platforms for Trading, under which the market and the different brokers are managed. The most important platforms are:

  • MetaTrader
  • Ninjatrader
  • NAGA
  • ProRealTime

How to choose the best broker?

So that you can choose the best, the most important thing is that thoroughly analyze a

broker comparator. In them we will mention the main characteristics of each one and based on this, you can choose the most appropriate online software for your exchanges.

It is important that you take into account the possibility of opening various accounts, including demo ones.

Which is the safest?

First of all, it is important that you know that every investment requires risk. In no broker, even the one that provides the greatest security instruments, you will be safe, what makes each of your operations more secure is your training.

However, you can choose one of our best brokers in Costa Rica, which will provide you with high-level encryption of your data and funds.

Forex market hours

The Forex market hours in Costa Rica depend on the hours in the United States.

During the summer, the market opens at 5 PM on Sundays and closes at 5 PM on Fridays.

While in winter time, the market opens on Sundays at 6 PM and closes on Fridays at the same time.


Which broker is right for me?

The broker that best suits you is the one that has the financial instrument you want to use, provides you with accurate information in real time and, above all, executes your orders safely.

What brokers are regulated in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica to date there is no broker regulated by the General Superintendence of Securities (SUGEVAL), but you can use one that has reliable international regulations.

Which broker charges less?

The broker that charges the least according to our analysis is Capitalix.

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