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Cryptocurrency mining is a process designed to obtain cryptocurrencies as a reward by solving and validating blocks of the Blockchain. In the beginning, cryptocurrency mining was limited only to the use of large hardware equipment such as graphics cards and super computers.

Thanks to the advent of the internet, today this has changed, since cryptocurrency mining is now available in different formats or through different means. One of the most popular modalities is cryptocurrency mining through the internetThat's right, 100% online. How? Here we tell you!

➡✨What is online cryptocurrency mining?

100% online cryptocurrency mining is very easy to explain, since it is a process where we mine from a website. That's right, just as you enter an internet platform and click on mine.

This platform will take your computer, incorporate it into the Blockchain and take advantage of its resources to start mining cryptocurrencies. In addition, the same platforms give you the option to limit the resources available for mining which will allow you to use your computer while it is mining 100% online.

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➡✨Advantages of mining 100% online

  • Zero investment: This is one of the biggest advantages of mining cryptocurrencies on the internet, since you don't have to invest in expensive computer equipment or graphics cards. That's how it is, you can start mining without having to put down a penny to get started.
  • No knowledge: It is not necessary to have knowledge of cryptocurrency mining as these platforms work almost automatically. This is a great advantage if you are beginners and have never done this type of process. You just have to connect to the platform and voila, it will go to work.
  • Accessible costs: Mining 100% online is not free, it has a cost because the platform only rents its infrastructure to operate on the Blockchain. Fortunately, this cost turns out to be much lower than buying cryptocurrency mining equipment. The commission charge depends on the platform.
  • Customizable: As if that were not enough, 100% online cryptocurrency mining gives you the option to customize the mining. You can choose between different cryptocurrencies available, as well as regulate the power and resources assigned which will help you prevent the platform from consuming 100% of your equipment's capacity.

➡✨ Is this type of mining profitable?

Although it might seem very profitable, in reality this is not 100% because with an increasingly competitive market, 100% online mining has been losing profitability. This is due to the high demand for resources and the consequences it can have for your team.

As it is resource intensive, your computer is likely to overheat, accelerating wear and tear on its components.. So, for more cryptocurrencies that you obtain, this will not be enough to cover the cost of repair and maintenance of your computer equipment.

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➡✨Is it advisable to mine 100% online?

While it may seem very attractive, especially for beginners, this is not recommended unless you have a super computer equipment. The demand for resources is very high, as well as the wear and tear of the equipment, the generation of heat and the energy consumption are enormous.

We do not recommend using 100% online mining, unless you want to get a brand new computer. There are always different options that can give you many more benefits without destroying your computers. So, you'd better consider other alternatives to mining 100% online unless you have a super computer.

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