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Opinions and information about the Nobel Trade broker


¿It is the really reliable broker Nobel Trade (also known as nobeltrade.com)? Is it safe for you to invest your money with this company? In this section we will analyze the company and its reputation as such on the internet.

Do you want to give us a hand and help inform about this company? We invite anyone who has experience with this company, to leave a comment with their experience and to rate the company according to their experience with it.

The Nobel Trade broker is a broker of: Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies.

The broker mentions to be part of: Nobel Trade Investments LLC

Nobel Trade is based in: supposedly Luxembourg.

If we talk about regulation, Nobel Trade is: they mention absolutely nothing about being a regulated company, this makes us think that it is an unregulated broker.

Nobel Trade website
Nobel Trade website


We will continue to analyze the different account types that Nobel Trade offers. In the case of Nobel Trade we noticed that they offer 5 different types of account; the Bronze Account, the Silver Account, the Gold Account, the Platinum Account and the Diamond Account.

Bronze Account: webinars, introduction to the financial market and daily market reviews.

Silver Account: webinars, introduction to the financial market, daily market reviews, no maintenance fee.

Gold Account: webinars, financial market introduction, daily market reviews, no maintenance fee, risk management team, personal agent, online trading session.

Platinum Account: Webinars, Introduction to Financial Market, Daily Market Reviews, No Maintenance Fee, Risk Management Team, Personal Agent, Online Trading Session, Loyal Chain Program.

Diamond Account: Webinars, Financial Market Introduction, Daily Market Reviews, No Maintenance Fee, Risk Management Team, Personal Agent, Online Trading Session, Loyal Chain Program, Welcome Bonus, Diamond Chain Bonus.


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The platforms used to operate are: we believe Nobel Trade's own platform.

Now, yes, we will go on to analyze the different resources and aids that the company provides to traders on its website: information above the products and services that Nobel Trade offers, no more than this, very little information in general.


Nobel Trade Features



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Additional information about the company


Phone number: +49 3030809565 (Germany), +61 272018185 (Australia), +352 27872526 (Luxembourg) and +44 2080895730 (United Kingdom)

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: nobeltrade.com

Clarification: The Nobel Trade investment company works in different countries, so the information provided may not apply to your country, this review is directed to Latin America and/or Spain.

* Bonuses or promotions: None by the moment


Nobel Trade valuation

Caution: unregulated broker

With the information we have so far, the comments and reviews of users and traders, our opinion is that it looks like a company we should be careful with. Because? It is an unregulated broker, it mentions being based in Luxembourg but it is not regulated in Luxembourg, which makes us think that it is not really based in Luxembourg, the CNMV has issued a warning against Nobel Trade.

Do you know this company? Do you think our opinion is not correct? Have you operated with this broker? Share a comment with your experience.


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2 comments on «Nobel Trade – nobeltrade.com»

  1. Joel Reply

    This company is not serious. They do not return the money, do not do it, listen to me.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Joel, Nobel Trade is a SCAM, we have received many complaints from investors, for not returning the money, you should never invest in a broker that does not have REGULATION.

      They create many positive comments about themselves that are LIES! They want to confuse investors and pretend to be a legal company but it is all LIES! If you tell them about our articles, they say that we are part of the competition and that is also a lie! (We are dedicated to reviewing brokers).

      When you want to withdraw your capital or your profits, if they make excuses and tell you to pay commissions or another type of ransom, you will know that they are scamming you, do not fall into that trap, those commissions are not real, they try to take more money from you.

      If you want to recover the money you can do it from the CHAT on our website or by filling out the form at this link: Get your money back, we are with you


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