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Opinions and information about the OnlyTrades broker


¿It is the really reliable OnlyTrades broker? Is it safe for you to invest your money with this company? In this section we will analyze the broker and its reputation as such on the internet. It should be noted that we usually make reviews about brokers with their website in Spanish / Spanish, but in this case, even if they do not have a website in the mentioned language, we also do it due to different comments and emails received from OnlyTrades clients.

We invite anyone who has experience with this company, to leave a comment with their experience and to give a score to the broker according to their experience with it.

The OnlyTrades broker is a forex and CFD broker.

The broker mentions to be part of Marantino Capital Ltd., and mentions having based in Malta.

If we talk about regulation, the broker mentions different points about regulation, but never really specifies its regulation, we believe that it is an UNREGULATED broker.

OnlyTrades website
OnlyTrades website

If we analyze the different types of account that OnlyTrades provides to operate, in this case there are 3: the Basic Account, the Gold Account and the Premium Account.

We will then start with Basic account: advanced trading tools, real-time financial market updates, very attractive promotions, 24/7 customer service and support in different languages, daily market analysis.


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It is followed by Gold Account: different and varied educational resources, advanced trading tools, real-time financial market updates, very attractive promotions and offers, video tutorials, informative and educational e-books (books in digital format), a dedicated account manager, signals operations by SMS.

The last type of account is the Premium accountIn addition to including everything mentioned for the Basic Account and the Gold Account, a specialist will guide you personally, live trading sessions, private consultation sessions, you will be personally guided by an expert investor, daily analysis of the markets premium.

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The platforms used to trade are: MT4 (MetaTrader 4).

Now, yes, we will go on to analyze the different resources and aids that the broker provides to traders on its website: explanation of the different instruments with which one can operate, explanation of margins and spreads, forex glossary, and not much else that this. As we mentioned earlier, the website, as all its resources are in English.


OnlyTrades broker features


Table Plugins


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Additional information about the company


Phone number: +44 203 769 9563

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.onlytrades.com

Clarification: The OnlyTrades broker works in different countries, so the information provided may not apply to your country, this review is directed to Latin America and / or Spain.

* Bonuses or promotions: None by the moment



OnlyTrades valuation


Caution: unregulated broker

Caution, scam broker

With the information we have so far, the comments and reviews of users and traders, our opinion is positive, as we have not found negative comments about OnlyTrades, although it should be noted that it is a NON-REGULATED broker

January 2018 update: Due to a large number of emails from OnlyTrades clients, and also comments mentioning that they were not able to withdraw their capital, we believe that OnlyTrades is not trustworthy, it is also an UNREGULATED broker.

Do you know this broker? Do you think our opinion is not correct? Have you operated with him? Leave a comment with your experience.


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41 comments on «Only Trades»

  1. Miracles Reply

    Good morning, I tried mychargeback services to recover the money and it has been good for me, it is the only thing that has worked, thank you very much

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Milagros, what a fantastic news! We thank you for telling us, we know that sometimes people have doubts but we also know that it is almost always achieved. Our recommendation is that if you intend to invest again, first check the name of the broker on our website or you can also ask us, we will be happy to help you.

      We recommend that all those affected try to recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the CHAT that we have on the web or in the following link: Get your money back, we are on your side

      Before making another investment decision, check out this link: https://zuverlassigerforexbroker.com/beste-Makler-2021/


  2. Eduardo Aguilar placeholder image Reply

    Reading all these comments I think I was very lucky, here is my story:
    It would have been very good to have read this before investing with them, my story begins in September 2017 with a cell phone call from an Alan Flores in which he promised me a 25% return and a minimum of 2000dlls which I could get and I started with They, at first we only carried forex and the profits were minimal but constant then it gave me confidence and increased my capital to more than 10,000 dlls with bitcoin which left us a profit in a month of almost 4000 dlls, perhaps now that I think it fictitious, since later I lost everything I won and after a few minor withdrawals I lost almost 2000 dlls, in the end between what I won and lost my capital was left with a thousand dollars of loss, and in order to withdraw my money I will tell you my strategy the same and someone who is in the same situation works for you.

    I got the cover of a loan from a bank that authorized me 50,000 dlls, obviously it was authorization, I never took the loan. I sent a photo to this Alan Flores since I saw that they were very greedy and with that I could tempt him; Since being on their platform you are at their disposal, they do with your money what they want. (So ​​they let me know in an aggressive call in which they told me that I was never going to get my money).
    Continuing the story after several convincing calls and promising that I would invest such an amount after about two months of not giving in and telling them that I had to check that I could withdraw my money before investing such amount, they agreed and I could withdraw the total of my money to my account. The key is to always play along and convince him that you are going to keep investing until you have the money in your account, you can reveal the trick.
    Finally the money was deposited in my account and the harassment calls began which I was so glad to have the power back and to be able to tell them how fraudulent they are, I just blocked the numbers and it's over.
    And they still had the nerve to talk to me a couple of weeks ago to tell me to trust them which I thought was a joke and I told the same story to the broker and I think he understood.
    The moral of the story is that there is no easy money and it is better to make your own trading strategies and operate with regulated sites.

    Maybe my strategy works for someone and I can get their capital out of these scammers.

    Eduardo Aguilar placeholder image

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Eduardo, we thank you for sharing with us your experience with OnlyTrades, it is really a shame what you mention, do you remember how you found them in the first place?


      • Eduardo Aguilar placeholder image

        If they somehow called my cell phone, I don't know how they got the number, but I suppose they buy lists and dedicate themselves to calling everyone.

      • reliableforexbroker.com

        Hello Eduardo, thanks for the information, what you say is possible, although more often than not, they get your number after registering in an advertisement.


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