Today it is possible to invest in the Stock Market from anywhere in the world, thanks to the technological support provided by the Internet and, of course, also the level of security and technical resources of the best brokers and investment platforms. That is why today we tell you what our Recommended brokers to invest in the 2024 stock market.

Ranking Best Brokers 2024



Equity broker

Admiral Markets
etoro broker
CMC Markets
At that moment
dukascopy broker
xtb broker


Capitalix is ​​one of the best brokers to invest in the stock market, thanks to the fact that it is a regulated entity and has a wide range of Trading instruments.

Among its advantages is the support for commission-free operations, tight Spreads and a maximum leverage possibility of 1:500.

Capitalix provides tools as a personal manager, customizing the most suitable tools and functionalities for you, as well as expert advice, highly specialized training resources and multilingual customer service.


The following of our most reliable and best voted brokers of the year. We are talking about the Equiity broker. It is a broker that stands out for a large number of financial products as well as an excellent quality platform.

In addition to this, it is a company that is currently offering a bonus to new customers. If you are interested we recommend opening an account with them or at least getting in touch!

As if that were not enough, the broker has some of the lowest commissions (almost non-existent!) on the market. If you are interested in investing and entering the world of investments it may be the perfect opportunity for you!


The next platform to invest in the stock market that we recommend is ActivTrades, a broker regulated by various European regulators, which offers a large amount of information that is perfectly organized and easy to read.

It is a broker with a large number of years behind it, that is, a truly remarkable career. In addition to this, they offer an excellent investment platform that is highly recommended for all types of investors.

In addition, its educational resources start from initial levels such as a glossary, as well as specialized seminars that you can access from the initial accounts.

The broker provides its service to a large number of countries and offers its services in a large number of languages, so, from almost anywhere in the world where you are reading us, it is most likely that this broker will be a very good option for you.

What are brokers?

Brokers are an institution in charge of offering support to exchange financial assets, among which include stocks, bonds, raw materials, currencies, etc.

The broker is the institution that is in charge of executing the orders of the traders, and depending on its operation, they can do it on their behalf or by creating an internal market.

Brokers also offer sufficient information about the market, this being one of its main characteristics, which leads traders to choose a platform to invest in the Online stock market.

In addition, the broker must provide a secure platform that takes care of your personal data and, above all, safeguards your assets, thanks to its high encryption, and security technologies that allow you to manage, store, and exchange your assets safely.

What platforms to invest in the stock market?

There are different platforms to invest in the stock market, thanks to the fact that the market has expanded, it is not only possible to invest in the stock market from the national markets, today we can operate internationally thanks to the Internet connection.

In addition, the most modern platforms offer a wide range of financial instruments that, although many of them are specialized, their tools and resources are extremely powerful, giving us the possibility of accessing numerous markets globally.

Broker Types

There are different classifications to understand the types of brokers, since their different characteristics can put them in certain classifications, or group them into a certain group, but depending on the type of execution of the orders, in our Brokers comparator we use the following classification:

Direct execution brokers: They execute the operations directly in the market without their own intervention.

Trading Desk Brokers: They execute trades acting as a market maker, to provide support to their clients internally.

Best platforms for trading

Trading today is possible thanks to the expansion of platforms to invest in the stock market and some of the most widespread at the European level are:

MetaTrader 4

Platform specialized in Forex and with a wide variety of graphic tools and technical analysis.

MetaTrader 5

Also focused on Forex, it has a wide availability of indicators and support from expert advisors.


One of the most advanced platforms in the market, specialized in futures. Its level of sophistication allows you to execute customizable strategies, even automated ones.

How to choose the best broker?

If you would like to choose the best option among our recommended brokers, we advise you to take into account the following considerations:

  • Observe the opinion of other users about the broker, a review can be an experience which can save you time, analyzing different options.
  • Analyze the broker's regulation and verify the financial authority that provides this recognition.
  • Evaluate the collection of commissions, among which include transactions, inactivity fees, withdrawal commission and spreads.
  • The best platforms for investing in the stock market provide extensive support for markets and assets, so make sure that your choice has the instrument of your choice.

Which is the safest?

All brokers that have a reputable regulation are safe. That is why it is important that in addition to analyzing the platform itself, you take into consideration analyzing the institution that regulates it, so that you can invest in the online stock market safely.

Forex market hours

The most important stock exchange for the European market is the London Stock Exchange and according to Spanish time, this market opens at 9:00 a.m. on Mondays and closes at 17:30 p.m. on Fridays.

Frequent questions:

Which broker is right for me?

The broker that best suits you is any of those published in our broker comparator, but it is important that you try it yourself by opening a demo account.

Which broker charges less?

According to our analysis, among the regulated brokers, the one that charges the least commissions is Capitalix.

What brokers are regulated in Spain?

There are various brokers regulated in Spain by a local institution, among which are: XTB, eToro, IG Markets and Interactive Brokers.

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