Ranking of the 5 Best Robo Advisor in 2023

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Today we will continue with our investment funds ranking, talking about Robo Advisors, an excellent opportunity if you want to leverage technology and algorithms to diversify your investments.


We will begin our ranking of robo advisor investment funds, talking about this Spanish company founded in 2015, mainly focused on designing technology to manage and automate investments based on algorithms.

Indexa Capital uses the data provided by the investor, who offers information about their risk profile and financial objectives, data that Indexa Capital's algorithms evaluate to offer the best automations, diversify the investor's portfolio, and also seek to obtain the best benefits.


We will continue with one of the most profitable investment funds in the robo advisor sector, such as Finizens.

This equally Spanish company was founded in 2015 and has established itself as one of the most popular options in the Spanish market.

Its technologies and algorithms are used to manage investment portfolios, diversify them, choose the best options according to the financial objectives and the profile of each investor.

Finizens offers an excellent risk management option, in order to choose which are the most convenient assets to diversify the investments of each of the users.


This company was founded in 2008 and is one of the leaders in the implementation of algorithms to automate investments.

In addition to offering the possibility of managing investments automatically and diversified, it also allows estimating the period in which you want to generate profits, for example, in the long term with the objective of retirement.

This option stands out for its ability to manage taxes automatically, avoiding large tax losses from investments.


If you are wondering which funds to invest in now and you want to opt for robo advisors, an excellent option is Nutmeg, a British robo advisor founded in 2011, which will manage your investments in a totally personalized way.

This is an excellent option thanks to its ease of use, using algorithms that allow you to adapt your objectives and your risk profile, to automate investments, collecting data, in order to opt for the best exchange-traded funds.


We will end our ranking of investment funds with this extremely popular option in North America, specifically in Canada, the country where it was founded.

It is highly popular thanks to its functionality that allows you to organize and manage everything through algorithms and technology, but you can always access it through its Online platform.

You will also be able to choose the most convenient portfolio option for you and, in addition to having data to manage your level of risk, you will be able to increase the level of risk to be taken, or opt for much more conservative operations.

What are robo advisors?

One of the most profitable investment fund options are robo advisors, since they have drastically changed the world of investments, forgetting about traditional managers, thanks to the fact that these platforms use algorithms to provide automated investment management.

The objective of robo advisors is to provide investors with the possibility of managing their investments, diversifying their portfolios and also giving a cheaper advisory service compared to traditional Broker options.

Among the options that robo advisors allow to manage through their algorithms are the risks and objectives of each investor, analyzing the information in the market in order to recommend the best alternative to manage their financial assets.

One of its most important advantages is to automate the investment process, saving costs, leaving the management to the algorithms and having profit possibilities thanks to technology.

It is important that you know that many of the robo advisors are safe, however there are some others that are usually fraudulent and end up being used as a means to become a fraudulent broker.

How much is needed to invest in robo advisors?

One of the great advantages of robo advisors is that there is no minimum amount that you must invest to make a profit.

If you want to answer the question in which funds to invest now, a good option is robo advisors, which will provide you with the possibility of investing small amounts and also a lower commission charge, in relation to financial or traditional advisory plans.

Are robo advisors or investment managers safe?

There are a large number of safe robo advisors on the market, however, many of them are also used to create fraudulent Brokers, even the investment managers themselves are sometimes.

To ensure that robo advisors are a good source of profitable investment funds, you must ensure that they have the regulations of well-reputed international entities, as well as comply with the authorization of local organizations to provide financial services.

Security measures are also very important, make sure that they encrypt your personal information, and that there is no type of leak of sensitive data to a third party.

What are the robo advisor sectors?

Robo advisors are applied in a wide range in the investment sector, and some of their sectors include:

  • personal investments
  • retirement savings
  • sustainable investments
  • International investments
  • corporate investments

Frequent questions:

How much to invest in Robo Advisor?

If you are thinking about which funds to invest now, but you do not have a large amount of capital, opting for the robo Advisor is a good option, since there is no minimum amount of capital that you must invest.

How is a Robo Advisor taxed?

The tax status of Robo Advisor depends on the location where they are installed and the current tax legislation.

What is the best Roboadvisor?

There is no single answer to the best robo Advisor, but rest assured that our recommendations are reliable and you can use them.

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