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Surely, if you are starting out in this wonderful world, one of the first connections you had with investments is cinema, since through film productions we can get closer to worlds that we could hardly have access to in any other way. Today I will tell you about the greatest financial films.

Introduction to investing movies

Understanding the world of investments is not easy, many times we must learn metrics and concepts that are complicated to understand, which can discourage us and prevent us from becoming investors, however, a good way to get closer to this world is to start with the best movies about business and finance.

Why watch investment and finance movies?

The main reason why we recommend you watch the most acclaimed stock market and investment movies is so that you have at least a glimpse of this world, which, although it may be quite different from the real world, is a good way for you to explore whether this profession is for you.

However, you should take it with caution, remember that movies contain a lot of information in a short time, and can form your criteria in a negative way, that is, you can believe in extremely fast profits.

Top 10 Investment Movies

Taking this information into account, we will begin with our top list of essential investment films.

1. The Wolf of Wall Street

Of course, one of the best Wall Street films in history cannot be missing from any list of films in the world of investments.

This film directed by Martin Scorsese, stars Leonardo DiCaprio and was released in 2013.

This film is worth it, it becomes more special when they address the life of one of the greatest investors in history such as Jordan Belfort.

This character is an authentic investment icon, mainly for his extravagant life, which he acquires at the moment of investment euphoria, however he falls into illegal and unethical financial practices.

2.Wall Street

We will continue our top of recommended investment films with this classic, released in 1987 and directed by Oliver Stone.

This film tells how a young apprentice ambitions to succeed in the world of investments, idolizing the most charismatic and powerful eminence of investments, such as Gordon Gekko.

This film explores a young man who tries to imitate his great idol, and ends up falling into greed and corruption.

3.Rogue Trader

To continue with our top films about finance, this film tells the story of a stockbroker who falls into fraudulent business activities, leading to the bankruptcy of one of the oldest banks in England.

With this film you can take away important lessons about financial collapse and the repercussions of these mistakes.


Although the main plot of this film is not entirely related to the world of investments and finances, if we can see how through a well-conducted plot, we can understand one of the most difficult aspects to understand in the world. of investments.

This time, data analysis and statistics are used by a baseball coach to make decisions for his team, and turn it into one of the greatest despite the little talent he had.

5.The Social Network

Continuing with the tenor of moving away from the main plot of finance, this film directed by David Fincher shows us how a young company becomes a great empire, showing us how open we must have our eyes as investors.

6.Boiler Room

This film explains how ambition can lead an investor to commit unethical practices and fall into fraudulent sales.

I recommend watching it so that you can measure the danger of greed, and the mistakes it can lead you to make.

7. Inside Job

To continue talking about great collapses, this film shows the consequences of the great economic debacle of 2008, exploring the measures taken by Wall Street and the North American government.

8. The Big Short

The great stock market crash of 2008 is the most recurring topic in our Top Recommended Investment Movies, perhaps because it was the most important milestone in this century economically speaking.

In this film we observe how the real estate bubble creates a crisis, but at the same time, how a group of investors were able to benefit from these economic losses.

9. The big trick

This film also portrays other themes, but nevertheless, it is a highly creative way in which Christopher Nolan shows us how an event affects the financial world.

10. Margin Call

We will conclude our Top of essential films about investments with this film production released in 2011, where we return to the theme of the great crisis of 2008, but seeing it from the profile of the employees, who realize that the collapse of their company is near, and They explore the difficult ethical and moral decisions they had to make.

Conclusions and learnings about the world of investments

Investment and finance movies can offer you important lessons, especially thanks to the plot, which involves learning in the midst of entertainment.

One of the great conclusions we can reach is the importance of ethics and responsibility, especially to avoid falling into corruption and illegal practices, which in the long term can lead the best investor to fail.

In the same way, you will be able to learn the importance of analysis and strategy, especially by leveraging data, to make more rational decisions than emotional ones. In this case, strategy analysis is the key to managing risk and also accepting the reward that is to come.

Furthermore, knowledge of the great debacles will give you important lessons from the great mistakes of others, learning from them and preventing you from falling into these types of decisions.

It is important that you know that these films are fiction and although they may be based on real events, many of them are dramatized. If you want to know more about these and other films, leave us a comment.

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