Cryptocurrency expenses: platform comparison

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Something you should take into account is that cryptocurrency exchange or sale platforms are not free. That's right, its business model is based on the collection of commissions on the operations you carry out with cryptocurrencies.

If you are looking for a platform to operate, you must take these commissions into account if you want to maximize your profitability. To surprise you with the collection of expenses, here we will tell you what the main expenses of cryptocurrencies are in each of the popular platforms in cryptocurrency trading.

➡✨ Why are expenses incurred?

The expenses are generated by operating with the cryptocurrencies. That is, if you make an exchange, for example, or a purchase or sale, expenses will be incurred for performing this action. EThese expenses depend on the use of the Blockchain, the movement of the currencies, platform, etc.

Basically we could say that it is about the commissions or costs for using these platforms to carry out actions like the ones we mentioned. Expenses are the way in which a broker can earn money and cover all their needs so that you can continue operating.


➡✨ Cryptocurrency buying and selling platforms

  • Bitfinex

Currency-cryptocurrency transaction: 0.1% - 0.2%

Withdrawal: 0.0004 BTC

  • Bithumb

Currency-cryptocurrency transaction: 0.15%

Withdrawal: 0.001 BTC

  • bitstamps

Currency-cryptocurrency transaction: 0.00% - 0.1%

Cryptocurrency-cryptocurrency transaction: 0.1% - 0.25%

Withdrawal: $ 10 (maximum amount: $ 1,000) more than $ 1,000 charge 2%.

  • Coinhous to

Currency-cryptocurrency transaction: 0.2%

Withdrawal: 6% - 10%

  • Creak

Currency-cryptocurrency transaction: 0% - 0.36%

Cryptocurrency-cryptocurrency transaction: 0.16% - 0.26%

Withdrawal: 0.09 euros or 0.005 BTC

  • paymium

Currency-cryptocurrency transaction: 0% - 8%

Cryptocurrency-cryptocurrency transaction: 0.19% - 0.59%

Withdrawal: 20 euros.


➡✨ Cryptocurrency exchange platforms

  • Bittrex

Cryptocurrency-cryptocurrency transaction: 0.25%

Withdrawal: $ 10

  • Binance

Cryptocurrency-cryptocurrency transaction: 0.10%

Withdrawal: 0.0005 BTC or 4.14 dollars.

  • Coinbase

Currency-cryptocurrency transaction: 1.49% to 3.99%

Withdrawal: 0.15 euros

  • HitBTC

Currency-cryptocurrency transaction: 0% - 2%

Cryptocurrency-cryptocurrency transaction: 0.1% - 0.2%

Withdrawal: 0.00085 BTC

  • Poloniex

Cryptocurrency-cryptocurrency transaction: 0.15% - 0.25%

Withdrawal: 0.0001 BTC.

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