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MDSS LLC opinion

Opinions and information about the MDSS LLC broker


¿It is the really reliable MDSS LLC broker? Is it safe for you to invest your money with this company? In this section we will analyze the broker and its reputation as such on the internet.
We invite anyone who has experience with this company, to leave a comment with their experience and to give a score to the broker according to their experience with it.

The MDSS LLC broker is a Forex, CFDs and futures broker.

The broker mentions to be part of: does not specify.

MDSS LLC is based in London, UK and Lisbon, Portugal.

If we talk about regulation, MDSS LLC mentions FINRA (US regulatory body), which we believe is too lax regulation to take into account. But we couldn't even find the MDSS LLC regulation on FINRA's website, so we believe that it is a NON-REGULATED broker.

MDSS LLC website
MDSS LLC Website

We will continue to analyze the different account types that MDSS LLC offers. In the case of MDSS LLC, we note that it offers 3 different types of accounts: the Silver Account, the Gold Account and the Platinum Account.

We will begin then, with the Silver Account: minimum initial deposit of $ 20.000, daily analysis, desktop and cell phone trading, video tutorials, 24-hour customer service, face-to-face and web seminars, dedicated account manager.

This is followed by Gold Account: minimum initial deposit of $ 50.000, daily PREMIUM analysis, desktop and mobile trading, video tutorials, 24-hour customer service, face-to-face and web seminars, dedicated account manager, access to the trading center, autochartist.

The third and final type of account is the Platinum Account: minimum initial deposit of $ 100.000, daily PREMIUM analysis, desktop and mobile trading, video tutorials, 24-hour customer service, face-to-face and web seminars, dedicated account manager, access to the trading center, autochartist.

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The platforms used to operate are: MDSS LLC mentions having a very good platform, but does not specify which one.

Now, yes, we will go on to analyze the different resources and aids that the broker provides to traders on its website: a basic explanation of the different instruments that can be traded, a blog with about 3 articles on investments, it also has manuals with explanations investing basics, an educational video, and a glossary.


MDSS LLC broker features


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Additional information about the company


Phone number: 4989 3803 6431 (Germany), 437 2088 3591 (Austria), 32 2588 8829 (Belgium), 3589 4245 2106 (Finland), 352 2088 2263 (Luxembourg), 3513 0880 2972 ​​(Portugal) and 44 20 8068 3167 (United Kingdom)

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.mdssllc.com/en

Clarification: The MDSS LLC broker works in different countries, so the information provided may not apply to your country, this review is directed to Latin America and / or Spain.

* Bonuses or promotions: None by the moment

MDSS LLC Valuation


With the information we have so far, the comments and reviews of users and traders, we suggest caution. Why? Because MDSS LLC does not provide very important information such as which company it belongs to, there are no opinions or comments about the company, which makes us think that it is a relatively new broker, and we also believe that it is a UNREGULATED broker.  

Do you know this broker? Do you think our opinion is not correct? Have you operated with him? Leave a comment with your experience.


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25 comments on «MDSS LLC - mdssllc.com»

  1. franc Reply

    Thanks to mychargeback I was able to recover my capital. The process took weeks but they finally succeeded. Excellent work!

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Franco, what a fantastic news! We appreciate that you have told us, we know that sometimes people have doubts but we also know that it is almost always achieved. Our recommendation is that if you intend to invest again, first check the name of the broker on our website or you can also ask us, we will be happy to help you.

      We recommend that all those affected try to recover the money through companies specialized in this type of management from the CHAT that we have on the web or in the following link: Get your money back, we are on your side

      Before making another investment decision, check out this link: https://zuverlassigerforexbroker.com/beste-Makler-2021/


  2. Roberto Lopez Reply

    I had a very bad experience with this MDSS broker, they make you believe that you are making money and then they tell you everything was lost, that was my bad experience, I DO NOT RECOMMEND, be very careful, since the information they give you is not complete and it differs from reality, even before the loss I asked to withdraw money and they did not, curiously, the money was lost in an operation after the withdrawal request.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Roberto, thank you very much for sharing your experience with MDSS LLC with us, we are very sorry for the situation you are in… Do you remember how you found MDSS LLC in the first place? If you get more information about the company, please share it with us.


  3. Andres Mujica Reply

    Good afternoon
    My name is Andres Mujica (COLOMBIAN)
    I opened a small account with this MDSS broker more than a year ago which I have had many experiences of both losses and gains in the course that I have operating I have been able to withdraw money only once and this time looking for information about the company and seeing its comments I will be very careful with this broker.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Andres, thank you very much for sharing your experience with MDSS LLC with us… Do you remember how you came to find this company?

      A greeting.

    • Oscar Suarez Cubillos Reply

      Stacks friend, the company in question is a well mounted lie. They stole more than fifteen million pesos from us, one day woke up and the account was zero without having ordered any financial transaction. A month later they called us to tell us that they only returned a thousand dollars, we did not agree. For now, we have already proceeded to file a lawsuit with the prosecution, we cannot allow them to see our faces and we must prevent more victims of these bandits.

      Óscar Suárez from Bogotá

    • Fernando Reply

      Good day, two friends… ..the same modus operandi… they call you… the operations go well at first then they ask you to increase your capital .. In my case I did it by withdrawing a small amount to test if the withdrawals worked and go testing after increase my capital ... one last time I wanted to withdraw an already considerable part and this was the trigger for the next operation to leave my account at zero ... I am interested in knowing from all the people here who have been affected by this broker… let's join in and ask the administrator of this page to put us in touch with each other to see if we can make a joint claim to the relevant authorities… .it is not possible for them to continue scamming people like this… greetings!

      • Oscar Suarez Cubillos

        Hello Fernando, I am very interested in your opinion. Unfortunately in the contract we signed, this "company" is released from all responsibility…. In this case we have lost. These guys talk very beautifully and they entangle anyone, they say one thing, they give you candy and then without further ado, they take everything away from you. The important thing is to prevent new victims from falling into its macabre clutches.


  4. Oscar Suarez Cubillos Reply

    Unfortunate experience, simply unfortunate. Speechless.

    Oscar Suarez

  5. Oscar Suarez Cubillos Reply

    Good afternoon,

    I am Oscar Suarez (Colombian), to all who see this message I can say that I fall short in words: I can conclude that it has been a sad, fatal and disastrous experience, a lack of extreme seriousness for the behavior of this "broker" ... Think very well who you are going to trust with your money.

    The experience was good while they made me fall in love via the daily phone, the subject in question talked up to the elbows, the first three months was a whole honeymoon. Because it was such a small account (3000 dollars), which supposedly had been a special case, they insisted on increasing the capital, my funds were not enough for it, so I was stupid to refer a relative who invested 5000 dollars , he was also a victim.

    I will not go into detail, but the truth is I do not advise you to get involved with this company.

    Thank you,

    Oscar Suarez

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hi Oscar, thank you very much for sharing your experience with this investment company with us, it really is a shame… Do you remember how you came to find them?

      A greeting.

      • Oscar Suarez Cubillos

        Good morning, thanks for posting my experience. It is of the utmost importance your work and preventing other people from being victims. A close friend recommended them to me and it hasn't been pleasant either. I am in inquiries with my lawyer and thus start a path to ban them at least in my country. We cannot allow this type of outrage to honest people who seek to increase their income with valid alternatives but who, unfortunately, due to this type of bad experience, other instances are crudely affected.

      • reliableforexbroker.com

        Hello Oscar, thank you very much for your comments ... Unfortunately what has happened to you is something usual in the world of unregulated brokers, as it seems is the case of MDSS LLC, since we have not been able to find its regulation, and also because of what That you mention, seems to be the typical case of a financial group that has abusive practices with its clients… If you can, ask the person who recommended this company to you, how it was that it reached them.

        All the best

      • oh yes

        Good morning, I leave this comment and I ask for your help since, I am worried that this company is an international network of scammers.
        How could I proceed?
        I appreciate your interest in my situation very much, but I want to take this to the last consequences because it is not fair for people to fall into the trap.

        Stay tuned.

        oh yes

      • reliableforexbroker.com

        Hello OO S, because we have been receiving comments from MDSS LLC clients with problems to withdraw, because in our experience, (although we still cannot know for sure in the case of MDSS LLC, but everything would indicate that it is) it is the typical chiringuito financial that asks for money and then does not let customers withdraw, as we told you in the previous comment. How can you proceed? It is difficult since these types of companies usually use false names and addresses, for example you could explain your situation to the financial regulator of your country, try to contact others affected by MDSS LLC ...

        All the best

    • Andres Mujica Reply

      Hi Oscar, I'm Colombian, I also have more than a year with an account with this broker, what happened with your account, I would like more information since I am worried about the comments

  6. AA G Reply

    Bad experience.
    We started investing with the “company” MDSSLLC in April of this year, they allowed us to enter with a minimum amount of 1000 US. Weeks later they began to press for us to increase capital, which we could not do. The account went from 1000 US to 1400 US in a month and a half. From that moment the account grew very little: 12 US, 15 US and so on. The withdrawal of 380 US was requested through the platform. They did not respond to the request and days later (that is, 2 and a half weeks ago) we authorized to carry out the usual transaction, this time it was with Fedex, the next day they called us to notify us that all the capital had been lost, there were 10 US left.

    The worst thing is having recommended this company to my family. My stepfather entered practically at the same time with us with the same initial amount. He was subjected to the same psychological pressure that he should invest more to have less risk of loss and to earn more money with an operation that would be "CRUCIAL", so he agreed and invested 2200 US more (apart from the 1000 US already invested) . The operation was effective and last week he mentioned that he wanted to withdraw money from the account (he wanted to withdraw the 2200 US invested), he authorized a transaction on June 26, since that day they did not communicate with him. So today he decided to review his platform and it was in zeros, and there was a transaction made on July 3 (transaction that was not authorized as usual a day before) After writing to the managers they decided to contact him and inform him that they were going to carry out an audit of the account. So we are waiting for a solution at least for his account. Although we have no hope that this will work.

    It is sad that they play with people's time, with the fears of others and with the money that many of us have a hard time raising in the hope of growing financially. But hey, the living lives off the fool.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello “AA G”, it is really a shame what you mention about MDSS LLC, but unfortunately it is not the first time that we have heard this type of experience with brokers like this company, not regulated. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us… You should contact the financial regulator in your country. Do you remember how you came to find this company?

      A greeting.

      • Angella war

        I met the "company" through an acquaintance, who had been with them for a year, but who today also has his account in zero. The company is an expert in disappearing money.

  7. Jorge Chaia Reply

    Towards the end of October 2017, I received an offer from this brocker to start operating with them, which I agreed to. After filling out the required forms, and speaking a few times with different interlocutors (Compliance and the assigned brocker), I sent an initial deposit of $ 5.000 (less than the minimum required, since I wanted to see the trustworthiness of the brocker before sending him a higher balance.

    At the beginning of operations and for 3 months, I received daily calls from the brocker in which he informed me of the shares in which he recommended me to invest and what percentages, and how they leverage the invested balance 100 times (YES, they settle you as if the investment result had been 100 times the investor's invested amount) ...

    The problem is that they settle the operations on a daily basis (they do a buy-sell operation on the day, so your investment ends at the close, but yields the equivalent of a return of 100 times the amount invested.

    So far so good, and the performance was positive and accelerated (in 3 months approx 30%), so I started planning to withdraw the initial investment by doubling the amount invested, but after 3 months the growth slowed down .

    Apart from the daily calls to inform me of the investments that are going to be made, every Friday they request a written order of the investments (Transaction by transaction), which in a week can be 10 transactions, since it was divided into two or three shares, and when the invested position is sold at the end of the day, the balance must be re-authorized the next day to be reinvested.

    After receiving calls on a daily basis, which is very annoying, since the investment officer is quite talkative and talks a lot, I decided to grant them the authorization to make the investments without my verbal authorization, since it was even annoying to attend to the called daily, although due to the performance it seemed a different operation (Between the leverage and the entry and exit of the investment every day).

    All this maintained during the first 3 months of this year the invested capital without many rises or falls (There were days of positive results and days of negative results) until on March 19 I realized that my balance had practically disappeared.

    After consulting the compliance area of ​​MDSS LLC, they responded that just that day the assigned operator had made a significant investment in Facebook shares, just when the Cambridge Analityca scandal broke out and that the share had closed with a significant loss, since Leverage of 100 times the amount invested impacts both upwards and downwards (eg a 1% return doubles the amount invested by the investor, but a loss of the same 1% causes you to lose all the invested capital).

    After that, they sent me a written report in which some details of the operation that had generated the loss of all the capital (both initial and earnings so far) were explained, since the operator invested all my accumulated capital in that operation .
    At that time they told me that the remaining balance (around US $ 200) had been taken from the assigned operator and reassigned to a recovery area.

    After reviewing the report, I asked them for an explanation since when I signed the investment authorization I told them that my objective was conservative and not aggressive, but the type of operation carried out responds to a more aggressive profile (Invest all the capital in a single share in a moment when the crisis had already broken out).

    I have not yet received any response to this request for an explanation (almost a month ago), and I do not see an evolution on the platform of the balance supposedly sent to the recovery area.

    So far, I can imagine that this is a planned scam, by means of the cuel for a while they will seduce you with a performance measurement evolution, until you get tired of talking EVERY DAY with the assigned operator, and after a while they come Some famous paper (In my case Facebook), which has a major bankruptcy in one day, and then they tell you that they invested everything in that action and you lost everything.

    It is a very sad experience, in which I lost a lot of time and the U $ 5.000 initial investment so far.

    Bad experience.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Jorge, thank you very much for sharing your experience with MDSS LLC with us, it is really a shame that after having worked with them for so long you do not get any answer or explanation from them ... Do you remember how you came to find them?

      A greeting.

      • Jorge Chaia

        Responding to your query, regarding how I found them, I will tell you that in September I received a call from a young lady who offered to send me information about the company and the investment methodology, which I agreed to and upon analyzing it seemed quite professional. , so it did not arouse any greater suspicion.

        Last week they contacted me from the recovery sector to explain what they already knew about the transaction (which was actually a short sale that I would never have approved), and in which the capital was lost,

        In that call they offered me to return to the previous methodology (very annoying daily calls to suggest investments that must be decided at the moment and that are settled on a daily basis), but with the addition that for this, and due to the meager remaining capital (U $ S 200), I had to increase said amount by making a new capital contribution !!!!!!!
        I responded to the operator in the negative, and now I am waiting for them to indicate the steps to follow to close the account due to my dire experience.

      • reliableforexbroker.com

        Hi Jorge, thank you very much for expanding your experience with MDSS LLC with us, it really sounds very strange that out of nowhere you receive a call, don't you remember registering for an advertisement or something similar?

        All the best

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