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In this post I will review OmegaPro. Is OmegaPro broker (also known as omegapro.com) really reliable? Is it safe to invest your money with this company? I will examine this company in detail.



Here are two things that I would like to highlight, (1) the first thing that is important to know is about its regulation and (2) the second is the location of the company. These are two data of vital importance to be able to measure the seriousness and reliability of a company.

Does the company have no regulation or is it regulated by an unserious country? Is the company located in an unreliable place or does it not mention where it is located? These are questions that every investor should ask about the reliability of the company.

InformationAbout the company
(I.e. CompanyOmegaPro Ltd
???? AddressSan Vicente y las Grenadines
📄 RegistrationNot mentioned
🛡️ RegulapainNot mentioned
️ ️ PhoneDoes not have
📧 Email[email protected]
🌐 Websiteomegapro.world – omegaproworldltd.com – myomegapro.com – omegaproforextrade.com – omegapro.in
???? Live ChatYes
Company typeETFs, CFDs and Forex


Does not have.


OmegaPro does not offer different types of accounts.


Below you can see the company's website:

OmegaPro website

When analyzing the OmegaPro website, we can notice that they offer educational resources, information on the different types of accounts, an explanation of the products where the capital is invested, the location of the company and the means of contact.

It does make me a little nervous that they do not mention anything about its regulation.

Another unfavorable point is the location: it is in a very unsafe place, be very careful!

⭐ OmegaPro OPINION:

After having carried out an analysis of the company, I have come to the following conclusions:

1) The company is located in an unsafe place.

2) It is an unregulated company.

3) The company does not have seniority, it is a company without a track record.

4) The company has a very bad reputation on the internet, I have already been able to find customer complaints.

“To be honest with you, I would not invest in this type of company, it has many points against it, I do not recommend it. Everything seen indicates that OmegaPro is unreliable and it is a very unsafe company.”


I have come across various negative reviews, claims, complaints and negative feedback on OmegaPro. I honestly think they are a very unsafe option. In addition to this, you can find more comments and opinions from users and customers of the company at the end of this review.

Are you an OmegaPro customer? Do you have something to tell me about them? I invite you to leave your opinion too!

OmegaPro Video Review:


Omegapro is a multi-level company with a large presence throughout the world. It has been in operation for more than a year and in this time I have detected a large number of complaints against the company.

Various financial regulators have also already denounced them for attracting money and clients without authorization.

💎 Pulse World and Pulse Token (XPL)

According to messages received from OMEGAPRO clients, the company began trying to “disappear” with its clients' money via the token called PulseWorld XPL.


The owner is believed to be Dilawar Singh, an Indian national. Although it is not clear if he is a simple front man. Other people linked to the company, who are at least senior officials, are: Juan Carlos Reynoso, Juan Carlos Minero Alonso.

Another person allegedly linked to OmegaPro, and alleged owner, is the American citizen Mike Sims, from whom the United States authorities, in mid-September 2023, seized a large amount of money and assets, supposedly obtained illegally through OmegaPro.


1) Update December – 2022: we have received a lot of negative messages about OmegaPro

2) Update  December 2022: we have received a lot of messages from clients of the company that mention not being able to withdraw capital

3) Update January 2020: CNMV, Spain's financial regulator, has denounced OmegaPro for fraudulent activities.

4) Update May 2021: FSMA, Belgium's financial regulator, has reported OmegaPro for fraudulent activities

5) Update May 2021: AMF, France's financial regulator, has reported OmegaPro for fraudulent activities.

6) Update July 2021: la SBS, Peru's financial regulator, has denounced OmegaPro

7) Update March 2022: la CNV, Argentina's financial regulator, has sued OmegaPro.

8) Update March 2022: la SFC, Colombia's financial regulator, has sued OmegaPro.

9) Update March 2022: la CNMV, Spain's financial regulator, has sued OmegaPro.

10) Update May 2022: la AMF, France's financial regulator, has sued OmegaPro.

11) Update December 2022: Omegapro has recently appeared in a large number of Colombian newspapers, they have stopped paying thousands of Colombians, due to an alleged hack. you can read more here y here

11) Update October 2023: Unfortunately, we continue to receive and detect messages from company clients who mention having problems withdrawing and recovering their capital.

12) Update October 2023: Mr. Juan Carlos Reynoso would supposedly be linked to OmegaPro according to different media outlets.

13) Update December 2023: AMF, French Financial Authority, has denounced Omega Pro.


If you have been scammed, then I explain, in my opinion, one of the most effective methods to recover capital. If you do it on time and with a serious company, it is highly effective.

We work with a capital recovery service. here you can start recovering your money.

In a few words, we use the chargeback method or capital withdrawal, with this method what we do is ask the bank or Visa, or Mastercard (depending on how we send the money), to return our capital, since we have been scammed. In order to recover it, we have to prove that we have indeed been scammed.

Claim your money now!

If you have been scammed, it is the option that I recommend, we work with a totally serious and safe capital recovery company.


If you have been scammed by this company and what you are looking for is to report it, I think the best option is to contact the financial regulator of the country where you live. Communicate what happened to the regulator. Right here, at the end of the review, in the comments section you can find customer complaints to OmegaPro.

I share with you some examples of financial regulators by country:

🇦🇷 Argentina: the financial regulator is CNV, here you can get in touch

🇧🇷 Brazil: the financial regulator is CVM, here you can get in touch

🇨🇱 Chile: the financial regulator is CFM, here you can get in touch

🇨🇴 Colombia: the financial regulator is the Financial Superintendence, here you can get in touch

🇪🇨 Ecuador: the financial regulator is SUPERINTENDENCE OF BANKS, here you can get in touch

🇪🇸 Spain: the financial regulator is CNMV, here you can get in touch

🇺🇸 United States: the financial regulator is FINRA, here you can get in touch

🇮🇹 Italy: the financial regulator is CONSOB, here you can get in touch

🇲🇽 Mexico: the financial regulator is CNBV, here you can get in touch

🇵🇪 Peru: the financial regulator is SBS, here you can get in touch

If your country is not on the list, leave a comment and I will gladly help you!


What is OmegaPro?

OmegaPro is an investment company in ETFs, CFDs and Forex.

Is OmegaPro a scam – is it scam?

In my opinion it is, I think it's a scam. Taking into account different characteristics of this company, I must qualify it as a very bad and very unsafe one.

Is OmegaPro reliable?

OmegaPro is a company that I consider to be UNRELIABLE. It has characteristics that make it a very unsafe company: be very careful.

How to recover the money from OmegaPro?

If you have lost your money or been scammed, I recommend you try the capital recovery service.

How to close my account with OmegaPro?

If you want to close your account write an email requesting it to the company's support email.

How to know if OmegaPro is regulated?

It is an unregulated company, be careful.

Which broker is reliable to invest?

If you want to know a safe and reliable company, I invite you to see the ranking of best brokers and you can also check the 3 best brokers of the month.

Do you have any other doubts or questions?

Leave me a comment on this review, if you scroll down, at the end of the review you will find the comments section. Leave me a comment with your question and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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2 comments on «IS OmegaPro RELIABLE? OPINIONS»

  1. Jordi Reply

    This company is a fraud. I swear, they haven't let me withdraw, don't do it, listen to me.

    • reliableforexbroker.com Reply

      Hello Jordi, OmegaPro is a SCAM, we have received many complaints from investors, for not returning the money, you should never invest in a broker that does not have REGULATION.

      They create many positive comments about themselves that are not real, they want to confuse investors and pretend to be a legal company but it is all FALSE if you comment on our articles they say that we are the competition and it is also a lie!, (we do reviews of brokers).

      When you want to withdraw your capital or your benefits, if they make excuses and force you to pay commissions or another type of ransom, you will know that they are scamming you, do not fall into that trap, those commissions are not real, they try to take more money from you.

      If you want to recover the money you can do it from the CHAT on our website or by filling out the form at this link: Get your money back, we are with you


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