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In this post I will analyze TradeEU. Is TradeEU the broker for metals, commodities, cryptocurrencies, forex, indices and stocks? (with tradeeu.global website) really reliable? Is it safe to invest your money with this company? I will examine this company in detail.

In this analysis I will clearly tell you my opinion about the TradeEU broker, below you can find my complete opinion.


Here are two things that I would like to highlight, (1) the first thing that is important to know is about its regulation and (2) the second is the location of the company. These are two data of vital importance to be able to measure the seriousness and reliability of a company.

Does the company have no regulation or is it regulated by an unserious country? Is the company located in an unreliable place or does it not mention where it is located? These are questions that every investor should ask about the reliability of the company.

InformationAbout the company
(I.e. CompanyTradesense Holding LTD
???? AddressMauricio
📄 RegistrationMauricio
🛡️ RegulapainFSC
️ ️ Phone number527443620460, 56413770790, 5154755299, 5078290992,
50641018271, 50224580703, 50322304846, 593963871475
📧 Email Address[email protected]
🌐 Websitetradeeu.global
???? Live ChatYes
Company typeInvestments in metals, raw materials,
cryptocurrencies, forex, indices and stocks


We were able to find the following phone numbers:

Mexico - 527443620460

Chile – 56413770790

Peru – 5154755299

Panama – 5078290992

Costa Rica - 50641018271

Guatemala - 50224580703

El Salvador – 50322304846

Ecuador - 593963871475


Here is a small analysis of the account types that TradeEU offers; They are divided into 4 accounts: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Islamic. Depending on the type of account, our spread, educational resources and leverage will vary.

For more information we recommend visiting the TradeEU website.


Below you will see the company's website and a small analysis about the website:

Trade EU website
Trade EU website

1) Age of the website: the domain “tradeeu.global” was registered on January 12, 2012. That is, it is a website that is really very old.

2) The website mentions which company or companies it belongs to: Tradesense Holding LTD (a duly registered Mauritius company).

3) The company clearly mentions where it is regulated, and it is regulated by the FSC regulator.


After having carried out an analysis of the company, I have come to the following conclusions:

1) The company is very clear with its real location: Mauritus.

2) TradeEU also mentions where it is regulated: it is regulated by the regulator FSC.

3) The company's website, its domain was registered on the following date: January 12, 2012.

4) If I analyze the reputation, the truth is that the broker has an excellent reputation.

5) Another feature in favor of TradeEU is that they currently offer a very good bonus for new clients who decide to open an account.

“TradeEU is the type of broker that makes people talk. It is a broker with an excellent investment platform and a large number of products available to invest. In addition to this, they offer a bonus for new clients that is really very good and recommended.”

start trading


TradeEU stands out as a recent and avant-garde broker, it has an innovative approach to the financial field. This entity stands out not only for its novelty in the market, but also for its solid reputation as a company committed to security and financial integrity.

Security is a key priority for TradeEU, supported by rigorous practices and protocols that ensure a reliable investment environment. In addition to its focus on security, the broker offers an outstanding investment platform that is not only intuitive, but also provides advanced tools to facilitate an efficient and well-informed investment experience.

Another highlight that sets TradeEU apart is its generous bonus for new customers. This special offer not only serves as an attractive incentive for those who join the platform, but also demonstrates the broker's commitment to providing additional value to its users. Designed specifically for newcomers, this bonus amplifies investment opportunities and reflects TradeEU's philosophy of making investing accessible and rewarding for everyone.


1) Latest updates: The truth is that at the moment I don't have any updates to add to this review.


If what you are looking for is to withdraw or claim money from TradeEU, I will explain step by step what you should do:

  1. Request the withdrawal of your capital through the platform
  2. If you can't, ask your contact person or company adviser for help
  3. Start the withdrawal of your money

Following these simple steps you should be able to withdraw your capital. If you find any difficulty leave me a comment and I will gladly help you.


What is TradeEU?

TradeEU is a broker for metals, commodities, cryptocurrencies, forex, indices and stocks.

Is TradeEU trustworthy?

I find it a very safe and reliable option.

Is TradeEU a scam – is it scam?

I think it is a safe and very serious broker.

How to open an account with TradeEU?

In this link you can open an account with TradeEU.

How do I close my account with TradeEU?

To do this, simply contact the company through its contact section.

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    TradeEU has given me confidence for months, thanks for this information it reaffirms my security with the broker

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      Hello Kevin, thanks for commenting on TradeEU, everything you can share is very useful for other people.

      If you want to comment additional information about this company, go ahead, you can mention everything you consider necessary since this can help other people who have invested or who are investing with this company.


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    TradeEU is good for the moment, I will tell you anything later

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      Hello María Salud Barranco, thank you for commenting on TradeEU, everything you can share is very useful for other people.

      If you want to comment additional information about this company, go ahead, you can mention everything you consider necessary since this can help other people who have invested or who are investing with this company.


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